Our services are addressed to businesses and organizations, as well as individuals who wish to upgrade their professional life..

Services for Businesses and Organizations

executive coaching

EXECUTIVE coaching

Coaching for C-Suite and Top-Level Management

Executive Coaching is offered to top-level executives and talented employees destined for top-level managerial positions.

leadership development coaching

The Coaching Approach to Leadership Development

Leadership Development Coaching is addressed to employees in positions of authority who are called upon to lead small or larger teams, regardless of the hierarchical level they are in.

team coaching

team coaching

Coaching Support for Teams and Work Groups

Team Coaching is offered to teams and their leader, but it is also highly beneficial for work groups with egalitarian or agile leadership.

business coaching


Coaching Support for Business Owners

Business Coaching is a one-on-one intervention customized for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and startup founders aiming to achieve their business goals.

εργαστήρια soft skills

soft skills training

Soft Skills Workshops

Our soft skills workshops are offered at an organisational level and are based on the experiential processing of real issues by training the participants’ targeted skillset.

βία και παρενόχληση

specialty service: mobbing & workplace Bullying

Organizational Coaching against Mobbing & Workplace Bullying

Mobbing and workplace bullying are alarmingly common phenomena with devastating consequences for the victims, the employer and the entire workforce.

Services for Individuals

coaching καριέρας


The Coaching Approach to Professional Development

Career Coaching is an individual intervention sponsored by the Coachee him-/ herself, who also determines its objectives. It is addressed to employees of all disciplines and levels, as well as unemployed people who wish to plan their professional future and prepare themselves for it.

coaching καριέρας

specialty service: artist coaching

Specialized Career Coaching for Musicians and Artists

We offer Career Coaching interventions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of emerging and established professionals of all ages in the fields of Music and the Arts.

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